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Annual Chilli Festival


The Turkish annual Chilli Festival is held in Assos on the first weekend in September – one reason why our hotel is named Biber Evi (Chilli House) and why we have incorporated the design into many aspects of our furnishings. Biber Evi exhibits many of the 100 varieties of the chillies we grow, offers imaginative recipes using chillies, and shares information on growing and preparing chillies. Put a date in your diary – and book early.

Award-winning chef Lutfi Oguzcan, Biber Evi’s owner and chef won an award in a nationwide competition for the ‘Best Turkish Meze’, organised by Efe Raki. Lutfi’s award-winning creation, named “Thin Slice of a Fat One”, is dry-cured, spicy tuna fish steak.

Date : 08-03-2015