Biber Evi is situated in a beautiful and historic area of Turkey on the North Aegean coast, overlooking the Island of Lesbos. It is in the beautiful, secluded village of Behram, right next to historic Assos, and near many ancient sites, including Troy, the Temple of Athena, Apollo Smintheion, Cleopatra's Bath, Zeus Altar, and the ancient city of Bergama.

Assos itself is one of the few ancient sites with people still living and working in it. Aristotle, Plato's most famous student and tutor of Alexander the Great, lived and taught here for three years. Outside the north gate of Assos you can find burial sites with many Sarcophagi and terracotta tombs, and from the entrance to the city you can see the 20-meter-high walls leading to the Gymnasium, the Agora and the Theatre. The site also includes buildings and churches from the dark ages. Nearby you can visit

Nature walks
Come simply to walk through the local countryside, enjoying the sights and smells of nature – or to gather mushrooms or wild herbs. Explore the many waterfalls and gorges on Mount Ida. Or get up early one morning and climb to the Temple of Athena to watch the sun rise to the accompaniment of goats’ bells.

The harbour and beaches
Buy handicrafts, jewellery, carpets and antiques in the market square, or eat in one of the local restaurants on the fishing harbour, which used to be a port for shipping acorns. There is a small beach here too, although it is not far to go to Kadirga beach with its beautiful expanse of sand, and its clean clear water.

One of our previous bird watcher guest's findings:

Black stork, White stork, Buzzard, Kestrel, Merlin, Little ringed
plover, Yellow-legged gull, Woodpigeon, Collared dove, Swift,
Bee- eater, Syrian woodpecker, Lesser spotted woodpecker,
Sky lark, Crested lark, Calandra lark, Sand martin, Red-rumped
swallow, Swallow, House martin, Wren, Nightingale, Northern
wheater, Blue rock thrush, Blackbird, Cetti's warbler, Olive tree
warbler, Olivaceous warbler, Lesser whitethroat, Orphean
warbler, Bonelli's warbler, Chiffchaff, Spotted flycatcher,
Sombre tit, Blue tit, Great tit, Coal tit, Rock nuthatch, Woodchat
shrike, Jay, Hooded crow, House sparrow, Chaffinch (nest with 3
feathered young, 0.5 m above ground in bush), Goldfinch
(independent young, collecting nesting material), Black-headed
bunting, Cinereous bunting.